Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cheater Faux Pallet Wall

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I have way too many "inspiration rooms" pinned to my boards for my bedroom.  I really like the idea of a dark accent wall behind my bed--but I've been really enamored of the rustic/modern look of weathered barn wood (I've been re-working my living room and I've built an industrial shelf with lumber and plumbing fittings, post coming eventually).  I also know I'm a commitment-phobe when it comes to decorating. Maybe its more like a short attention span for trends. My last bedroom update resulted in cute wall vinyl decoration.

At any rate, I was leaning toward paint since I know I can change it out really easily, as opposed to nailed-on boards.  And then I saw this bulletin board paper at JoAnn Fabric (in the "kids craft" section).

The ideas started flowing.  The paper comes in a roll 12 feet x 4 feet and was only 7.99--if you use your 40% off coupon, it was only $5 a roll including tax.  Bargain!  I might have preferred a darker color wood, but on the plus side, this weathered color blends nicely with the rest of the paint in my room.

I measured my wall 10.5 feet across and its vaulted, so 89.5 inches on one end and 100 inches on the other.  Math was required for this project.  I calculated the rise/run of the slope of my ceiling and found that I needed to slope 4.25 inches for every 4 feet.  I needed 2 rolls of paper, so I opened them both and lined up the "boards" and used a long straight-edge to draw the angle and cut the top of the paper.

I used painters tape and clear thumbtacks to hold up the top while I used a level to make sure things weren't all skiwampus.  Once I got the first sheet up, I tacked up the 2nd sheet and carefully matched all the seams of the boards and smoothed it up on the wall.  I used more painters tape behind the paper.

I cheated behind the headboard--the paper only goes down about 8 inches behind the bed.  That left me with enough of the roll of paper to do the last bit of wall (since the wall is 10 feet and the paper combined to make 8 feet).  I overlapped the paper and once again lined up the boards and tacked it up.

So, for a couple hours total (that includes measuring, math calculations, furniture moving and pinning/taping) I've got a pretty good facsimile of a pallet wall.  I bought two rolls of paper (check that both are in the same dye lot), so I only spent $10 and I still have paper left over-enough for a "headboard" for a twin size bed maybe.