Monday, August 24, 2015

Travel Printable

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Its no secret to my friends and family that I like to travel.  I'm a fan of going to familiar places over and over as well as exploring new ones.  I love Disneyland and the beach and food and getting stamps in my passport.  I'm also getting more adventurous--Segway tour in Rome; awesome!  Cooking lesson in Florence; highly recommend.  Surfing in Hawaii; wow, there is some cardio!  I'm in the midst of changing up some of the pictures and decorations in my living room and thought I'd do something in a frame about travel.  I found this quote (attributed to someone named Susan Sontag) and thought it fit my personality.  I've made 3 versions--one with a map as the background, one in sparkly gold and the other in a more subtle gold.  The high resolution jpgs will print nicely on shiny photo paper.  Click the Google link below for the high rez files (they are called Travel Print).