Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harry Potter Crafts

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Many of you know that I'm a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies. I visited many filming locations when I was in Great Britain and last week, I got to go to Universal Studio's Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. The theme park is really fun-its like being in the movie. They have created items to eat and drink that are mentioned in the books such as chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice and my favorite-butterbeer. Butterbeer is a non-alcoholic cream soda-like drink with a thick, creamy foam on top! I've been experimenting with making it at home and I think I'm pretty close!

Cream Soda
1/4 tsp. Artificial Butter Vanilla & Nut flavor (I found it at Smith's/Krogers)
1/4 C. Cream
Sugar (although I used artificial sweetner)

I've been making it by the single serving, so change it up for larger quantities. In a shaking jar (my magic bullet blender went from liquid to stiff cream way too fast) mix the cream, flavoring and sugar. Shake it up until it is a soft foam (less stiff than what you'd want for serving on pie). Pour cream soda in a cup and then spoon the foam on top. Drink it up and enjoy your cream mustache! This drink reminds me a bit of a rootbeer float after the ice cream has gotten melty.

I like it with the cream, but I'm going to experiment with Dream Whip mix too (the cream is a bit too rich compared to the one served at Universal Studios). Some of the other blogs I've visited have created cute gift baskets with bottles of IBC cream soda, mugs a recipe card as well as the bottle of flavoring. I've done the recipe card printable for you at the top of the post...just make sure you click on the thumbnail first, then print the full size image.

Tile JewelrySo, since I'm looking forward to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 next week I decided to make a tile pendant necklace to get myself geared up! If you haven't made glass tile jewelery before, it is super easy!

I purchased my tiles and Diamond Glaze from United Crafters Inc (you need tiles that are crystal clear, so don't get the kind at Home Depot...they won't work). I haven't been to Roberts or Macs in a while, but they might have them too. You will need:

Diamond Glaze
Glass tile
E6000 adhesive
graphic (print it out or use fun scrapbook paper)
Bail (the hanging loop) or a magnet if you are making a fridge magnet

Get your graphic the right size (my tiles are 7/8"x 7/8")--if you are using a computer image, you can just resize the image to .88x.88--if you are cutting the graphic out of scrapbook paper, just get it cut to a rough size, with your image in the middle.

1. Make sure your tile is all clean.

2. Set your graphic down on a table picture side up (I would cover the table in the event of glue spillage-which I failed to do and had to scrape glue later)

3. Use the Diamond Glaze to make a good size puddle in the center of your image.
4. Set your glass tile with the "rough" side down onto the puddle of glaze.
5. Quickly press firmly on the tile to adhere--keep pressing for a few seconds before you let go.

6. Let the Diamond Glaze set for about 15 minutes (or more)
7. Use scissors to cut off the excess paper

8. Flip your tile upside down and spread a puddle of more Diamond Glaze on the back of the tile to create a smooth, sealed surface. Let dry for a couple hours at least.

9. Now you can use the E6000 adhesive to attach the necklace bail or magnet.

10. Ta-da! Now you can be a fan (keeping it subtle or just add to your whole Harry Potter costume that you will be wearing to opening night)

You could use holiday themed scrapbook paper to make Christmas or New Year's jewelry or use pics of your kids or pets! I've always used my Color LaserJet with photo paper--not sure what would happen with an inkjet printer and the Diamond Glaze (it might make the colors run).


dkp said...

So that's how you did it! Nice work Steph!

Martha said...

where to get HP graphics for the tile jewelry?

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