Friday, January 1, 2016

Personalized Bath Towels

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Do you have a pile of fabric that you can't part with, but it doesn't seem like enough for a project?  How about this quick one?  My sister-in-law decorated tables with fabric from her favorite fandoms at her wedding reception, and this Dr. Who fabric had a bit left over.  I thought I might be able to do something with it for a Christmas gift, but time was getting tight and I didn't really have it in me to do a big project.  Light-bulb moment--just fancy up an already made item--in this case, bath towels.  But it would work great on flour sack towels for the kitchen too.

Supplies needed

1/3 yard of fabric (maybe less depending on the pattern of the fabric)
2 bath towels
matching thread

Since the towels and the fabric were both 100% cotton, I washed and dried them first so that uneven shrinking wouldn't cause pulled seams.   I ironed the Dr. Who fabric and started measuring. Measure the width of the towel.  Take that measurement and add an inch to the length of your decoration fabric so you'll have room to fold under the ends. 

Decide how tall you want the finished strip to be and add 1 inch (you'll fold over both edges 1/2 inch and iron--it gives you plenty of room to sew your seams). The Tardis pattern was about 3 inches tall, so I cut my fabric 4 inches.

Pin the decoration fabric to the front of your towel (make sure you pin it straight)--fold the short ends under and pin them too.  Next, just sew around all 4 edges.

Now you're done.  Total measuring/cutting/sewing time...15 minutes (for both towels).  My sister-in-law said she thought they were great.